Contains a list of all the routes used in AdminBro. They are grouped within 2 arrays:

  • assets
  • routes

It is used by supported HTTP frameworks to render AdminBro pages. You can also use it to write your own rendering logic.

How it looks

This is the structure of the Router - both assets and routes.

  assets: [{
    path: '/frontend/assets/app.min.js',
    src: path.join(ASSETS_ROOT, 'scripts/app.min.js'),
  }, ...],
  routes: [{
    method: 'GET',
    path: '/resources/{resourceId}',
    Controller: ResourcesController,
    action: 'index',
  }, ...]

Create router with authentication logic

To create your router with authentication logic you have to:

  • write routes responsible for user authentication
  • iterate all assets and routes and handle them.

The following code is almost an identical copy from @admin-bro/express plugin.js file. It shows you how you can assign all the routes to express framework.

const { Router } = require('admin-bro')

const { routes, assets } = Router
const router = new express.Router()

// here you can write your authentication logic

routes.forEach((route) => {
  // we have to change routes defined in AdminBro from {recordId} to :recordId
  const expressPath = route.path.replace(/{/g, ':').replace(/}/g, '')
  const handler = async (req, res, next) => {
    try {
      const currentAdmin = null // you can fetch admin from session, 

      const controller = new route.Controller({ admin }, currentAdmin)
      const { params, query } = req
      const method = req.method.toLowerCase()
      const payload = {
        ...(req.fields || {}),
        ...(req.files || {}),
      const html = await controller[route.action]({
      }, res)
      if (route.contentType) {
        res.set({ 'Content-Type': route.contentType })
      if (html) {
    } catch (e) {

  if (route.method === 'GET') {
    router.get(expressPath, handler)

  if (route.method === 'POST') {, handler)

assets.forEach((asset) => {
  router.get(asset.path, async (req, res) => {

View Source admin-bro/src/backend/utils/router/router.ts, line 12

Type Definitions


# RouterType

Type representing the AdminBro.Router

Name Type Attributes Description
assets Array.<object>
assets[].path string
assets[].src string
routes Array.<object>
routes[].method string
routes[].path string
routes[].Controller any
routes[].action string
routes[].contentType string <optional>

View Source admin-bro/src/backend/utils/router/router.ts, line 161


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